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Welcome to Glades Day School

Middle School Education

Accomplished through strong academic programs, enriching extra-curricular activities, and thriving partnerships with parents, the 6th-8th grade program at Glades Day School focuses on strengthening the whole child - academically, spiritually, and athletically. Our qualified educators lead and encourage students to become self-activating, transitioning from the dependency of childhood to attaining identity achievement.

High School Education

The 9th-12th grade program at Glades Day School provides students with a well-rounded education derived from a curriculum that intentionally focuses on developing students to achieve academic excellence alongside the critical thinking and communication skills needed to flourish throughout life. With college readiness as a core characteristic of the high school division, we offer intellectually challenging options, including Honors-Level Courses, Advanced Placement Courses, and Dual-Enrollment Courses. We are proud to have GDS graduates attend a variety of colleges and universities around the country.