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Welcome to Glades Day School


Early Childhood Education

Glades Day School's Early Childhood Education division offers PK3 and PK4/VPK programs. Our Early Childhood Education programs foster an environment focused on encouraging emergent learning. Our center-based classrooms offer stimulating learning opportunities that promote independence, strong motor skills, creativity, and collaboration. Our educational philosophy is founded on the belief that critical thinking skills are gained through play, constructing, imagining, experimenting, and dialoguing with others - collectively preparing students for a life-long love of learning.

Lower School

Elementary Education

Glades Day School's Elementary Education program establishes the foundation for students in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade to embrace a lifelong love for learning. Our multi-faceted approach focuses on each student's academic, spiritual, physical, and social, and emotional development. Our qualified educators strategically provide students with the tools they need to succeed throughout their academic careers by fostering a nurturing environment, empowering students, and establishing a strong home-school connection.


Upper School

Middle School Education

Accomplished through strong academic programs, enriching extra-curricular activities, and thriving partnerships with parents, the 6th-8th grade program at Glades Day School focuses on strengthening the whole child - academically, spiritually, and athletically. Our qualified educators lead and encourage students to become self-activating, transitioning from the dependency of childhood to attaining identity achievement.

High School Education

The 9th-12th grade program at Glades Day School provides students with a well-rounded education derived from a curriculum that intentionally focuses on developing students to achieve academic excellence alongside the critical thinking and communication skills needed to flourish throughout life. With college readiness as a core characteristic of the high school division, we offer intellectually challenging options, including Honors-Level Courses, Advanced Placement Courses, and Dual-Enrollment Courses. We are proud to have GDS graduates attend a variety of colleges and universities around the country.