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Welcome to Glades Day School

Glades Day School - STEAM Lab

This school year, we have been blessed with a tool that will greatly impact and modernize the ways we teach our students and prepare them for the real world. Last summer, Glades Day School was awarded a substantial grant totalling just under $450,000 that has been used for the creation of Glades Day School’s very first STEAM Lab. 

We have partnered with SMARTLab HQ, who has provided us with a fully-integrated learning environment where everything from the furniture to the curriculum and assessment works together to support hands-on and minds-on learning. In addition to the furniture and curriculum, our STEAM Lab is equipped with computers, robotics kits, drones, software programs, city engineering/design kits, screens, cameras, solar car kits, claymation kits, K’NEX kits, audio engineering hardware, 2D and 3D milling collection with tools and a laser engraver. We are very excited to begin the process of adapting and building our academic curriculum in such a way to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. We are also looking forward to the fact that the STEAM Lab will have something to offer students of all ages, and will serve students from K-12th grade, with the lab itself being able to accommodate up to 36 students at once.

We are so excited to get our STEAM Lab up and running in time for the 2024-25 school year!