About GDS

Glades Day School is an independent day school with a spacious 30-acre campus nestled in the heart of the Palm Beach County agricultural community, Belle Glade.  Glades Day School offers a unique, small-school experience that highlights academic excellence, athletic leadership and extracurricular participation. Glades Day School prides itself on its diverse, well-qualified instructors and staff. Our smaller classroom size guarantees an outstanding one-on-one teacher-student experience that will provide a lifetime of benefits for your child. The Glades Day School student is constantly nurtured by the faculty, administration and staff so that they can develop into high-achieving young adults. Close ties between the administration, parents, classroom teachers and students are encouraged in a pleasant, secure atmosphere conducive to learning.  Academic classes are focused on preparing students for entrance to some of the most outstanding colleges and universities in the United States. The experience at Glades Day School is not limited to academics though. Through our championship-winning athletic programs and diverse extra-curricular activities, students learn important leadership and team-building skills that will stay with them for a lifetime. We appreciate you taking the time to visit the Glades Day School Home Page. For further information on Glades Day School, our programs and enrollment information, please do not hesitate to contact us at (561) 996-6769.