This is an elective course designed for seventh through twelfth grades. The class is designed to assist students in making informed decisions regarding their academic and occupational goals. The course is designed to develop beginning competencies and understandings in the area of agricultural history and the global impact of agriculture; career opportunities, scientific, and research concepts; biological and physical science principles; environmental principles; agri-science safety, principles of leadership; and agribusiness, employability, and human relations skills in agri-science. Furthermore, the course will provide information regarding careers in the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource areas.

2017-2018 Officers:

High School:
President: Kennedy DesRochers

Vice President: Kamryn Kennedy

Secretary: Caroline Stein

Treasurer: Taylor Lunford

Reporter: Lane Collins

Sentinel: Kolton DesRochers

Student Advisor: Eduardo Guiterrez

Middle School:
President: Camber Pope

Vice President: Audrey Ascheman

Secretary: Leena Bolanos

Treasurer: Addison Ascheman

Reporter: Landry Pitts

Sentinel: Peyton Pelham

Chaplain: Kaylee Underwood

Parliamentarian: Robert Furney

Historian: Hannah Miller

Student Advisor: Carlos Contreras