Drama Club

Break a leg! Once again the Glades Day School Drama Club is expanding. Raising money will always be a top priority for the club in order to pay for the shows, so the students have continued the Friday morning Donuts for Drama fund raiser for this year.

Thanks to their hard work, we were able to perform our first musical, Annie, Jr. in November of 2017. Joy Sweet played a delightful Little Orphan Annie and was joined by an enthusiastic set of lower school students as her fellow orphans, including Dallas Alvarez, Alyssa Brewer, Skylar Maria, Jensen Echols, Sydney Poole, Madison Baez, Bella Bueno, Jensen Rimes, Hope Dunn, McKenzie Dixon, and Emma Lewis. The cast also included: Aiyanna Salgieurro, Annie Martinez, Arielle Harvey, Summer Miller, Ethan Bair, Cameron Whalen, Greyson Gonzalez, Rett Lohman, Alejandro Rivas, and Simon Carbajal. This spring the Drama Club will join forces with the lower school again to present another musical, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

In March 2017, the students performed William Shakespeare’s classic, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. The cast was strong and ready to conquer this more serious script, even though it required stepping up their game. Diana Benitez has taken on the position of our Drama Club Treasure and the house manager in 2018. Joy Sweet and Annie Martinez are the Co-Presidents.