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Photo Name Title Group Email Website
Photo for Baez, Cindy Baez, Cindy LS Assistant Principal Email
Photo for Bair, Shelli Bair, Shelli English Teacher Email
Photo for Bedsole, Amanda Bedsole, Amanda 5th Grade Teacher Email
Photo for Bratt, Shirley Bratt, Shirley 2nd Grade Teacher Email
  Burack, Daniel History Teacher
Photo for Burch, Shelly Burch, Shelly Science Teacher Email
Photo for Christmas, Bobbi Lou Christmas, Bobbi Lou Director of Admissions / Guidance Email
Photo for Davis, Frankie Davis, Frankie stay at home mom Email
Photo for DesRochers, Kerry DesRochers, Kerry K5 Teacher Email
Photo for Elizarde, Steve Elizarde, Steve English Teacher Email
Photo for Guethle, Joseph Guethle, Joseph PE Teacher /Athletic Director Email
Photo for Hartley, Kalyn Hartley, Kalyn Agriscience / FFA Teacher Email
Photo for Hernandez, Nizida Hernandez, Nizida Office Assistant Email
Photo for Holman, John Holman, John Science Teacher Email
Photo for Kujawski, Patricia Kujawski, Patricia 3rd Grade Teacher Email
Photo for Lamoureux, Cindy Lamoureux, Cindy Director of Finance Email Website
Photo for Langmeyer, Rebecca Langmeyer, Rebecca K3 Teacher Email
Photo for Lohmann, Angee Lohmann, Angee Computers Teacher Email
Photo for Maria, April Maria, April English Teacher Email
Photo for McDermott, Karen McDermott, Karen 6th Grade Teacher Email
  McReynolds, Kathy History Teacher Email
Photo for Paez, Sherri Paez, Sherri FLVS Coordinator Email
Photo for Peralta, Carlos Peralta, Carlos Maintenance
Photo for Perez, Armando Perez, Armando Math Teacher Email
Photo for Pitts, Amie Pitts, Amie Head of School Leadership Email
Photo for Pitts, John Pitts, John Math Teacher / Boys' PE Email
  Pope, Elle
Photo for Primmer, Marion Primmer, Marion Director of IT Leadership Email
Photo for Rimes, Kristen Rimes, Kristen 1st Grade Teacher Email
Photo for Ruiz, Beatriz Ruiz, Beatriz Art Teacher Email
Photo for Ruiz, Mayra Ruiz, Mayra Maintenance
Photo for Ruiz, Teresa Ruiz, Teresa Computers Teacher Email
  Salvatore, Woody Math Teacher
Photo for Sanchez, Shelia Sanchez, Shelia Teachers' Assistant Email
Photo for Sanford, Carmen Sanford, Carmen Office Manager Email
Photo for Schoenfeld, Rita Schoenfeld, Rita Science Teacher / Guidance Email
Photo for Seider, Brian Seider, Brian Math Teacher Email
Photo for Shutts, Dorinda Shutts, Dorinda Art Teacher Email
Photo for Sorto, Jose Sorto, Jose Maintenance
Photo for Sorto, Marbil Sorto, Marbil Maintenance
Photo for Stein, Stormi Stein, Stormi US Assistant Principal / Guidance Email
  Threlkeld, Amanda Finance Assistant Email
Photo for Threlkeld, Zach Threlkeld, Zach Athletic Director Email
  Waites, Caitlin PE Teacher Email
Photo for Wilkins, Amy Wilkins, Amy Media Specialist / Alumni Coordinator Leadership Email